Monday, June 24, 2013

NEW JOB, lost of appetite

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hello earthlings..
could this be a comeback?
i dont know..
i ditched blogging when i am off happy with a guy
but i seek back for you whenever im unhappy again.

i have started working.. as a casual cleaner
the uni paid me 6.19gpb per hour
i used to say that the pay is good
but after 4 days work..
it really drained out all of my energy
especially when i am only eating biscuits and sandwich.. EVERYDAY
its been a while since i last ate proper food
so i went to the kitchen , wanting to cook something special for me..
i forgot to take out the chicken from the freezer
it is frozen and stuck in a whole bunch with other chicken parts.. fucking hard like stone.
perhaps harder than that
so i changed plan from cooking curry to fried rice.

the smell was good..
unfortunately, i just lost the appetite after eaten a plate of it.
i couldnt even bear the smell after that..
the pile of dirty dishes and all the mess in the kitchen prevented me from eating it..
seriously these girls shouldve cleaned all their mess before leaving me alone in the house..
such a mess..

the nasi goreng  and meatballs, then, i just gave em to Pudding
i dont know if it tastes good or not.. at least rather than not eating it.. it's going to be a waste rite..

i been thru a really time now..
there's just too much to say..
i wanna play dota as much as continue writting...

i think i just post this first..